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Those of you that know me or have been in my freelancing workshops or tech calls know I’ve been collecting markets that pay writers and cool software tools for writers for a very long time, more than a decade.

I’ve got tons of resources for freelance writers, including several keyword or topic searchable databases, in my bookmarks. If you’ve seen me show my bookmarks in a call, you’re laughing now, I can hear you. I’m the first to admit my bookmarks have gotten out of control

I probably have more than a thousand different paying markets for writers saved. I’m…

A first impression is more critical online than in-person.

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I’ve taught technology, freelancing, and blogging for Ninja Writers Community for the past year or so now. One of the things we always get asked by ninja writers is how to format a blog post so it looks nice.

But proper formatting is about more than just decoration. The first thing people see is the title of your post, the subtitle, and the photo. If they find your post outside of Medium, such as on a Google search page, they’ll see the meta description (the paragraph of text below your link).

An improperly formatted title or less than ideal image…

Hint: It’s better than cold emailing!

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Remember when you were a child and you attended a birthday party where they hung up a piñata filled with goodies? You couldn’t wait to hit that piñata and scatter those glorious goodies at your feet so you could scramble to pick them up, right?

Do you remember how it felt when it was your turn? When everything went dark, you were spun in circles, and then handed that stick?

Cold emailing or pitching for freelance writing clients is a lot like swinging blindly at a piñata.

A lot of gurus will tell you pitching freelance writing clients is a…

What you need to know about how search seems to have changed.

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Medium announced some changes around the start of the year I think, and mentioned they would also be improving their search function. I assumed they meant for SEO and Google search because it was around the same time they let us know we’d earn if someone became a member after reading our posts.

Since I’ve long been pretty good at writing SEO content, I was happy. I expected to do well with converting people to members since the majority of my traffic had always come from Google.

Using search in the past

But the search feature on Medium, ya know the magnifying glass at the…

My thoughts on yet another Medium change

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Medium is making yet another change to how blog posts are found by readers. Those super broad Medium topic pages? You know the Art, History, Politics, Science, Money, etc? They are going away. Very soon, if they haven’t already.

But no worries.

Medium’s plan for replacing those topic pages, I think, will be a good one not just for readers but also for writers.

I work with a lot of Medium bloggers in my role with the Ninja Writers team. And one of the biggest frustrations is the lack of control over making sure that our blog posts get seen…

My thoughts on the new Medium changes

I’ve been writing on Medium since before writers were paid anything. I left for a bit, came back in 2019 and have since amassed nearly 4K followers. Not that it did me much good under the old distribution methods. My posts, curated or not, in a publication or not, would get around four hundred views.

Although I have posts with over 4K views, I think the most I’ve earned for one post is $31 and some change.

I went from being in “curation jail”, back when it was a thing, to nearly all of my posts being curated or chosen…

Have you ever lost a remote for days which suddenly reappeared?

Do those odd socks mysteriously come out of the dryer without their match? Find out what really happens in my short story collection Where the Lost Things Go.

Where Are My Pants? Available now on Amazon:

instant mockup via BookBrush

“Right, it eats clothes.” Shayla said. “Are you sure you brought the corduroy pants? I haven’t seen you wear them in weeks.”

“Yes. I’m sure.” Gary pulled back and leaned over the dryer door to give her a look. “Just help me check again okay?”

Shayla left the remaining…

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