Beef Eaters: Prepare for What’s Coming Now

Another very scary impact of the current drought in the U.S.

Meg Stewart
3 min readJul 15, 2022


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If you’re someone who loves beef and if like me, it’s a mainstay of your weekly diet, then you need to understand this.

The current drought in the Western U.S. could significantly impact pricing and eventually availability of beef. I’ll be sharing this information with my family and friends and took time from my current camping trip to share it with all of you.

All Beef Impacted

Whether you eat tacos, lasagna, spaghetti, beef roast, or steaks or any other beef cuts. If your favorite recipes or meals call for beef, this is going to impact you in the coming months. It doesn’t matter if you get your beef from the grocery store, your local butcher, or straight from a local beef farmer.

The current drought is widespread and severe enough that it’s going to soon impact the prices and availability of all beef in a way that is quite honestly, terrifying.

Farmers Can’t Afford to Feed Cattle

I don’t know the gentleman in this video I came across this morning, but I know enough about cattle farming to know what he’s describing makes total sense.

Cattle farmers are taking parts of their herd to market early because they cannot afford the cost to raise them. Young cattle, normally fed very inexpensively on green pastures, are being slaughtered early because not only have pastures dried up but hay is unavailable in a widespread area due to the drought that stretches as far as Texas and Oklahoma.

Practical Preparedness

Those who know me, are aware that I like to be prepared for life’s little hiccups. Whether it’s a temporary power outage, a broken water pipe, or one of my grandkids getting hurt during a camping trip like the one I’m currently on, I like to be as prepared as I can to respond. I try not to go to extremes.

But this will be the new thing I’m getting ready for in the coming days and weeks. If you eat beef, then you should start making changes to your diet and lifestyle now too.



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