Have you ever lost a remote for days which suddenly reappeared?

Do those odd socks mysteriously come out of the dryer without their match? Find out what really happens in my short story collection Where the Lost Things Go.

Where Are My Pants? Coming soon:

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instant mockup via BookBrush

“Right, it eats clothes.” Shayla said. “Are you sure you brought the corduroy pants? I haven’t seen you wear them in weeks.”

“Yes. I’m sure.” Gary pulled back and leaned over the dryer door to give her a look. “Just help me check again okay?”

Shayla left the remaining clothes in her basket to help him search the row of dryers.


Meanwhile in the laundry basket…

“Psst…Did you see Cord?” PJ asked.

“Yep, he made a break for Freedom, right before Gary opened the door. But he made it.” Jean said.

“One of these days, I’ll break free too.”

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